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MediaBright is currently a US based new media company hiring interns on a broad diversity of topics in entertainment, technology, beauty, health, music, travel, sports, business and lifestyles. Our interns are mostly a young generation of thinkers dedicated to fresh ideas, and engaging concepts; we hope to be able to provide all interns with real life experience and training. Our ad network spans sites nationwide. View our partners page for more information. Send resumes to adam @ mediabright.net.

12 April 2011 ~ Comments Off on Social Studies

Social Studies

If you’ve ever wanted to get into social studies, there’s great company that publishes social studies lesson plans for k-6 education. They’re called Studies Weekly, and they’ve been publishing content for over 25 years. They’re based out of Utah, and their less plans are great for math, science, and social studies.

27 December 2010 ~ Comments Off on 2010 in Review

2010 in Review

We had so many great interns over the last year. It was a learning period for everyone. So now that we know so much, we’ve really been able to focus our internship, and make it a much better, richer experience. That’s why we’re only accepting 1 intern a semester from now on. At 1 point […]

29 June 2010 ~ Comments Off on Nile Cruises

Nile Cruises

A few years ago I looked at various Nile Cruises and booked myself to go on one, it was a great way to see Egypt in all its glory, meet its people, landscapes, monuments and wildlife. Cairo is seen as the gateway to Egypt, the sand on the streets serve as a reminder of the […]

01 June 2010 ~ Comments Off on Internships for Home Schoolers

Internships for Home Schoolers

We just had one of our interns finish up with his internship. He’s not your typical intern though. His name is Erik Beckstrand, he’s 17, and he’s never been to public school in his life. He’s the oldest kid in his family, and his mother has home schooled him for his entire life. I myself […]

11 May 2010 ~ Comments Off on Harvard copies Media Bright with Virtual Internship

Harvard copies Media Bright with Virtual Internship

Our model of providing exclusively virtual internships is gaining some steam. Check this story at Harvard Gazette and see why they decided to copy our program. I first decided this would be a good idea almost a year ago. Since then, we’ve  had a few semesters of interns, and a lot of really cool work […]

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26 April 2010 ~ Comments Off on Featured on TechStartupReviews.com

Featured on TechStartupReviews.com

We were recently featured on TechStartupReviews.com as an upcoming startup in their daily lineup. We need some more votes to beat out the top spot, so feel free and drop us a vote!

13 April 2010 ~ Comments Off on Testimonial from Taylor White (BYU)

Testimonial from Taylor White (BYU)

Was it Worth It: Yes, because you learn things that not every company uses these tools. It’s a hot commodity, and you can learn things while having fun doing it. How Was It being able to earn credit from home: If you’re busy like me, you can work whenever you’re available, you don’t have to […]

09 April 2010 ~ Comments Off on Testimonial from Bliss Stinson

Testimonial from Bliss Stinson

Question Was it worth it? Yes, because most internships in college are unpaid. I was able to get paid, and that was great. The experience was worth the time How was it being able to earn credit from home? The best thing ever. I wouldn’t have been able to do any internship without being able […]

29 March 2010 ~ Comments Off on Free Website Offer

Free Website Offer

You don’t want to miss out on this! 3 Years Free Website and Email Hosting is being offered to  readers from Robson Communications, Inc. You must use the promo code WGT38864 to get this great deal and you have to do it before the expiration date of September 30, 2010. So don’t delay. You would […]

26 March 2010 ~ Comments Off on Spring Semester Coming To An End

Spring Semester Coming To An End

As the spring semester comes to a close, I’m sure alot of you are under pressure to keep your grades up, keep working, and stay sane. So that’s why the first person to get a link to this site: www.sendfont.com from a page with the following requirements will get the rest of the semester off.: […]